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  • Increase your cardiovascular and respiratory (heart, circulation, and lung) functions.
  • Fat loss and strengthening muscles
  • Have better eating habits.
  • Have strength and energy.
  • improve sleep quality
  • Work out at home, in the gym, or outside.
  • Personalized animations and real-time video clips
  • Track your personalized exercises, food plans, and calories.
  • Email and Webcam consultation
  • a free mobile app as an added bonus

Regardless of your gender, age, or current level of fitness, contact us today! Results within a few weeks and noticing the “new you” in fitness and sports performance


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Focusing on improving your strength, power, endurance, speed, agility, quickness, flexibility, proper nutrition, preventing injuries, and getting enough rest and recovery will help you improve your sports performance. Especially for Golf, tennis, and combat athletes

  • Learn how the above components will enhance your
    • Increase staying power (power endurance).
    • Flexibility, stability, breathing & Balance
    • Boost your speed and strength.
    • How to make your mind and body strong enough to keep up a high level of intensity for a long time while keeping your endurance and stamina.
    • How to train for “CAT”-like reflexes and reactions
    • How to plan your food, hydration, weight cut, periodizing, and recovery to increase your peak performance through the calendar year

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LiveFit Online (LFO): Corporate Fitness for Your Active Team!

LFO’s seminars and workshops not only promote a healthier, more active, and happier workforce, they also help your workplace grow.

As a result, the resulting increased employee productivity will mean overall savings for your organization, which will help you add to your bottom line.

You will also be able to reduce employee turnover and promote a more positive workplace environment in which employees feel “looked after.”

With LFO, your active executives will:

Become happier and healthier.

Less stressed.

More energetic.

Work more productively.

Have less sick days

Work to live, not live to work!

Our professional fitness management retreats, workshops, or seminars also help executives work better as a team, which leads to more productive, effective, and successful work collaborations.

Our total corporate fitness solution and custom-made seminars and workshops will get you the results you want. We’ll talk about important health and fitness topics like:

Mind-body connection (i.e., a sound mind in a sound body)

How to Eat the Correct Foods at the Correct Time

How to establish and maintain a healthy eating plan for the busy corporate executive

How to maintain motivation with a regular fitness program at work , home and travel

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“The number one ‘secret’ to great productivity is to keep fit and exercise.” –Richard Branson