Want to increase your agility, speed, balance, improve your nutrition, maximize your performance, focus on sports specific conditioning goals, offer instruction on corrective exercise (post rehabilitative), or a combination of all of the above

LiveFitOnline can help you, and/or your team’s player, athletes dramatically improve your performance! Workshops are designed for individuals as well as for overall team requirements and can be conducted worldwide (depending on specific requirements).

Specializing in Tennis Fitness, Martial Art Fitness, Combat Fitness for athletes & Trainers &/Coaches

For professional Tennis players &  coaches

Martial Arts/ Combat sports –

Workshops will address the following fitness components for your Individual sports

1. Flexibility – Ability of a joint to move through its full range of motion in a single joint or series of joints, whether static or dynamic. This is important for exercise movement or sports movement.

2. Balance/Stability – Ability to maintain the center of gravity of a body within the base of support without sacrificing form either while in movement or in a stationary position.

3. Aerobic – Aerobic exercise is a physical activity that intends to improve the oxygen system. This is the base for any sport activity as it will improve the heart, lung and circulatory functions.

4. Anaerobic Exercise – Anaerobic exercise is utilized in non-endurance sports to develop strength, speed and power. Key factor is high performance in short duration, high intensity activities, which lasts from only a few seconds up to about 120 seconds.

5. Muscular Strength – The ability to exert force against any resistance.

6. Muscular Endurance – The repetition of a series of muscle contractions without fatiguing muscles within a specific time frame.

7. Co-ordination – The combination of movements with direction and force to perform physical activity effectively and efficiently together amongst several limbs, muscles, skeletal and neural system.

8. Power – The ability to exert the maximum force of strength in as short a time as possible (i.e. Plyometrics).

9. Speed – The ability to move quickly or move limbs as fast as possible without fatigue in any sports activity.

10. Quickness – The ability to improve your reaction time.

11. Agility – The ability of the body to change its position efficiently in multiple directions, integrating all fitness components.

12. Rest and Recovery – The ability to recharge your mind and body for the next training session or competition.

13. Practical Performance Eating – Selecting the appropriate type and quantity of food and eating timings depending on your sport or event.

14. Focus – Having the mental edge over opponents and training sessions.

15. Body Composition – How to maintain your optimum body weight and fat percentage.

16. Injury Prevention – How to avoid overusing muscles and joints/chronic injuries/due to bad skill, training and eating.

17. Periodization – How to adapt your fitness training to fit your sports and competition season.


Learn the art of time management, stress reduction, good health and nutrition habits, and increased work productivity with LiveFitOnline’s Corporate Training Seminars and Workshops designed specifically to address your company’s concerns and interests.

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