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Ranil Harshana

Thank you for visiting my site. I commend you for taking the FIRST (but MOST important!) step in making a positive life changing commitment toward healthier living , better fitness & High performance

I have been in your shoes at one point in my life, so I can relate to you quite well. You might say it’s difficult to get out of the habit of eating junk food, sweets, alcohol or even maintaining physical activity and exercising regularly in your daily busy life because life gets in the way, right?

Finding an ideal balance between your work / athletic performance and personal commitments, while at the same time trying to carve out time to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle is not easy

At one point in my own life, I was so out of shape and unfit even my close friends used to laugh at me, but then I went on a crash diet, lost the weight so rapidly that I ended up so thin and was lacking energy. Yet, still I didn’t feel healthy or comfortable with myself my physical condition, and realized that there had to be a better way, and it was not going to happen overnight, nor with my commitment to regular and appropriate exercise (for me) and clean eating.

Today backed by my 22year career , I am comfortable in my own skin, and proud of the only body I have, and my goal for you is to feel the same way!   So, if YOU, and you alone, are willing to take this crucial first step, I will work with you to reach your goal of  increasing performance in you sports or getting that well toned Beach Body for aesthetic or health/fitness goals

Inspiration for starting LFO:  Since the beginning of my Fitness career in Asia, and through my further professional development in the United Kingdom (UK) as well as in the United States (USA) inspired me to establish www.LiveFitOnline.com , http://www.Tennisbpm.com , http://www.strengthattack.com in order to help people achieve a range of fitness & performance goals in order to meet their personal goals, -whether performance based, health oriented, or driven by a simple desire to look and feel better.

I have personally witnessed my clients transform their physical appearance,  achieve better mental and physical health, and achieve performance results not previously believed to be attainable.  Because of these reasons as well as the er present faith, trust, and belief in me by my valued multicultural clients of all levels and talents over the years,  I have been truly inspired to want to personally ensure the success of f all my clients to achieve their goals by creating an organization that would personify my professional and life-long commitment to their, and, now,  hopefully YOUR fitness goals!

  I sincerely hope will be the beginning of a long-term working relationship with you, LiveFitOnline.  As principle I lead by example over years having train athletes for many world championships, Olympics/paralympics, Asian games, SEA games, FED cup, Davis, Cup, WTA/ATP players, NCCA DIV 1 players, multiple, ASEAN & WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Combat sports, TENNIS & BADMINTON


Train Hard, Train Smart!
Ranil Harshana aka(COACH RAN) 


KAPAP (Level 2)–ANA, Rekii (Level 2) with over 22years of global experience

Phone: +94-777-386-387
Email: ranil@livefitonline.com

Creator of http://www.tennisbpm.com – Tennis Body Performance Matrix (R) )

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We do not discriminate, social groups, race, religion, sex, disability, age etc. All are welcome.