Online & Live Training


  • We specialize in increasing individual sports specific athletic performance in sports such as: Tennis(
  •  Traditional Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts; as well as all combat sports by focusing on improving strength, power, endurance, speed, agility, quickness, flexibility, proper nutrition, injury prevention, as well as adequate rest & recovery to enable you to achieve sports specific performance excellence!
  • Learn How the above fitness component will enhance your
    • Increase staying power(power endurance) inside the ring (outlast your opponent)
    • Speed up your footwork
    • Increase speed & power in your punches & kicks
    • Develop explosive power for take downs, throws & chokes 
    • How to develop the body to withstand hits, bounce back by keeping the intensity
    • How to train for “CAT” like reflexes for attacking & defensive tactics
    • How to strengthen the body to train with martial art weapons & modern weapons
    • How to Plan your food ,hydration, weight cut , periodizing & rest to increase your peak performance through the calendar year 

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  • Increase your cardio-respiratory (heart and lung functions) 
  • Fat loss & Tone up muscles for the Beach look
  • Better eating habits
  • Stay motivated
  • Have strength and energy
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Workout at Home, gym , outdoors with professionally design programs
  • Animations & real time video clips to support you
  • Track your personalized food, meal plans, calories
  • Progress charts with fitness assessment
  • Email & Webcam consultation
  • Free mobile app for your cardio, strength & food on Android, Apple & Microsoft

Regardless of your gender, age, or current level of fitness, take that  FIRST STEP by contacting us TODAY! Results  within a few weeks & notice the “NEW YOU”

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  • Get Results with in person training initial visible results in 7 days
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  • My Agent will contact your agent to proceed further


  • 7-10 day retreats in exotic location around the world exclusively via
  • Explore different countries, culture, visit ancient sites, explore,
  • Get fit(Cardio, strength, flexibility, SAQ, etc.), Eat clean, learn Self Defense to protect yourself & loved ones
  • Beach workouts,Bodyweight training, , Partner workouts, Meditate
  • Practical Self Defense learn reality based KAPAP – Under the leadership of Maj.Avi Nardia & Ranil Harhana
  • Recharge your Mind,Body, Soul to feel empowered & relaxed
  • Discounted Online Training post retreat  T&C applied
  • Optional: Water Sports, Scuba, Yoga  – subject to availability
  • Eat healthy food for 7-10 days treat your body right “INSIDE OUT” for more details Read more