Whatever your health, fitness or performance goals, we can guide you to obtain the results you have always longed for! With LiveFitOnline’s guidance we can design a tailor-made total fitness solution for you!

Sports Conditioning & Performance Workshops

Whether you are a recreational or competitive athlete, and want to increase agility, speed, balance or nutrition, we can help you improve your performance. Specific Seminars & Workshops can be designed for individual, group, and/or team requirements, and can be conducted on-site worldwide and via Webcam (depending on your requirements). Read More

Specialized Corporate Fitness Training

With increased healthcare costs, according to Health Industry surveys, as many as 48% of many multi-national corporations are increasing their employee fitness and wellness programs as long-term cost effective way to improve employee productivity, reduce stress, minimize sick days, and lower employee attrition by providing employee incentives to participate in health programs, gym memberships and fitness trainings to contribute to their overall well-being and to encourage the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, Corporate/Group Fitness Training can be a truly enjoyable and effective way to burn calories, increase your flexibility, tone muscles and get the results you want. We can design a specialized fitness program for you organization that can include a range of challenging and fun classes, such as, – Cardio Kickboxing, Fitness Boot Camps, Corrective Exercises and a whole lot more! Read More

Personal Training

Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body, build muscles, strengthen your body, improve your athletic performance, – or all of the above, – LiveFitOnline can help you obtain the results you desire with our Fitness Industry leading professional personal trainers! Take the first step! Read More