• Visible results with our 7 star online fitness training or your money back
  • Girls looking for a Bikini Body  & Guys looking for a Beach Body 
  • Business executives be Healthy & Fit with your travel schedule 
  • Professional Athletes: Visible improvement in little as 10-14 days ( live  training with online support) T&C applicable.
  • Individual training for Celebrities (Email or call for inquiry)
  • Workshop/ Seminars for Trainers, Coaches & Business executives in TENNIS FITNESS, MARTIAL ARTS FITNESS, FUNCTIONAL FITNESS  & CORPORATE FITNESS 


  • For Professional Athletes, Coaches & Trainers
  • Program design & periodizing for any sport
  • Specific assessment & tracking for individual goals
  • Performance eating & recovery 
  • Workshops & Training on site 

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  • Reduce sick days
  • Be stress free & productive
  • Build team spirit
  • Stay Healthy & Fit even when you travel for business
  • Have team challenges with Online training
    • Customize workout plans with animations & video clips
    • Customize food plans & tracking for smart eating
    • Track your progress with online fitness assessment
    • Compatible with mobile app Anroid, Apple, & Microsoft
    • Free blogs, YouTube, email & webcam support

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Pro Athletes, Models, Singers & Actors

  • Increasing your sports performance
  • Get that body for the next photoshoot, pageant , movie or concert
  • Personalized result oriented programs with initial visible results as soon as in 7 days 
  • Call or email serious inquiries only T&C apply

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  • 7-10 day retreats in exotic locations around the world exclusively via
  • Explore different countries, cultures, visit ancient sites, explore beyond
  • Get fit (Cardio, strength, Flexibility, SAQ, etc.), Eat clean, learn Self Defense to protect yourself & loved ones
  • Beach workouts, Body weight training, Partner workouts, Meditation
  •  Practical Self Defense learn reality based KAPAP – under the leadership of Major.Avi Nardia,Ranil Harshana & Kapap team leaders
  • Recharge your Mind & Body,Soul to feel empowered & relaxed
  • Discounted Online Training post retreat  T&C applied only via
  • Optional: Water Sports, Scuba, Yoga – subject to availability
  • Eat healthy food for 7-10 days treat your body right from”INSIDE OUT”Read more


10 Reasons to sign up !

  • 7 star professional personal fitness delivered at an economical price
  • Workout at home, gym, outdoors with professionally design programs
  • Animations & real time video clips
  • Track your personalized food, meal plans, calories
  • Progress charts with fitness assessment
  • Closed group LFO worldwide fitness challenges & gifts
  • Email & Web cam consultation
  • Free Mobile apps for your cardio, strength & food on Anroid, Apple &Microsoft
  • Exclusive You Tube links, Blogs, articles and Tweets for motivation
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee! 
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